Whether you have debt, or need a DUI attorney, IndianaLaw.to is one of the top resources to assist you. This website was originally created by Attorney Paul Stanko. Paul Stanko is a criminal Defense Lawyer and was the former Superior Court Judge and prosecutor with over 30 years experience in criminal law.

He represents persons accused of drunk driving, drunk boating, and other crimes throughout all of Indiana.

Today, this website serves a specific purpose, and that purpose is to educate Indiana residents on their debt relief options and provides specifics on DUI/DWI criminal defense. We will show you where to go, depending on what your need is. In 2019, the internet is filled with so much noise, it’s hard to tell what’s legit and what’s a scam. The good news is that certain legal organizations and legal resources have been around for decades and will always serve you with the right informaiton.

Need a lawyer?

If you are searching for a lawyer, start your search at the Indiana state bar association, ensuring you only hire a reputable attorney.

If you need help with paying off debt, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Google all provide debt relief company reviews. Check customer reviews, time in business and complaints. There are also debt relief law firms in Indiana that can settle your debt for less than the full amount owed. In some cases, debt can be disputed just like how a speeding ticket is challenged, and debt can end up getting dismissed.

If you do hire an attorney or a debt settlement law firm:

  • Only hire a law firm if they are willing to give you an assurance of performance, which is similar to a guarantee (an assurance of performance basically guarnatees you a certain savings or else fees will get reduced)
  • Only hire a debt settlement company that collects its fee after your debt is settled and paid
  • Make sure that your debt settlement attorney also specializes in the FDCPA (the reason for this is to ensure that if your rights get violated under the FDCPA, that your attorney is familiar with how to sue the collection agency over these violations, where you can be awarded $1,000 per violation)